Light Your Grill Right

Get Yourself A Real Chimney Starter


We've Been Listening

We took the time to learn what
Professional Grillers want to design a better chimney starter.
Perfect size.
Built for extreme heat.

The Chimney Starter
Made For You

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Built To Last

Durable galvanized steel prevents rust from harsh weather, so you can start the fire for years.


Block The Heat

Shield yourself from intense flames.
Withstands heat up to 500°.

Cool Touch Grip

Hold the fire firmly with a high heat
resistant thermoplastic handle
that won't melt in your hand.

Ready for a Premium Grilling Experience?

Strong Air Flow

More air means more fire.
Slotted holes breathes life
into your charcoal keeping
your flame alive.


Big enough to hold a football.
Lighter than a 6-pack.

optimal design

Narrow top lets your charcoal fall naturally into a pyramid like shape for the best technique.

Ready to Upgrade?

Skip The Lighter Fluid

Lighter fluid lights fast, but can give
your food a chemical taste.

Avoid this by cooking smarter with one
less step and get your healthy grilling
experience started. 


Start Your Fire
Safely and Easily

Spread the heat with a built-in secondary
handle to pour the load with ease.You can
now light your charcoal evenly.

About EcoCharcoal™

Your purchase contributes to our mission of helping people make healthier choices and reduce harmful impact on the environment through the embracement of sustainable, eco-friendly grilling.

With an intense focus on all things natural, we have the most coveted certifications from the FSC® and Rainforest Alliance, which attest to our  commitment and philosophy.

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