Grilled Vegetables

Grilled Vegetables

What if we told you your grilled vegetables can be amazing on their own? Everyone knows vegetables are an important source of nutrients like Vitamin A and C, but few people know vegetables have a ton of fiber. Even if you had something else in mind as an entree, you could add a perfectly vibrant blend of colorful and tasty vegetables to any dish. Read below on how to make the most underrated, delicious grilled classic.

Hawaiian Hot Dog

Hawaiian Hot Dogs

Looking for a hot dog that is both sweet and salty to set the vibe? This Hawaiian hot dog is a spin on a BBQ classic that adds a balance of fruits and proteins. Imagine what people will say when they see the bow tie of pineapple on your hot dog. Read below on how to make a sweet hot dog that your friends will remember

grilled chicken up close

Grilled Chicken

Looking for a recipe to make your best-grilled chicken ever? You can now enjoy the tenderness of grilled chicken and use freshly squeezed lemon juice to bring out amazing flavor. Read below for a recipe meant to keep the meat moist and excite the flavor.

BBQ Cooking

BBQ Pyramid Technique: Without Stacking Them One by One

Someone unfamiliar with backyard grilling on a charcoal grill will probably have a somewhat difficult time getting an even fire to develop, so that food can be cooked thoroughly.

When you just dump the charcoal into the grill and then light up the coals, it’s almost impossible to have a good, even fire start among the coals.

However, there is an approach which can be used so that even a novice griller can get those coals glowing red, and have a fire going that will be perfect for cooking.

Experienced outdoor chefs know it as the Pyramid Method, and it refers to a method of stacking your charcoal briquettes so that they all catch fire evenly, and provide the kind of heat that will be ideal for cooking anything on your grill.

BBQ Cooking

How to Use a Charcoal Chimney With or Without Newspaper

Using a charcoal grill, and even lighting that grill, are easier than ever thanks to tools like the charcoal chimney starter. Gone are the days where you have to build a great pyramid of charcoal, soak it in lighter fluid, and hope for the best. With this handy device, anyone can build a great fire and never worry about the dangers—or the unappetizing flavor– of lighter fluid. Keep reading to learn more about using a chimney, with and without newspaper, to get the best fires for great grilling.

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