Hi, we’re EcoCharcoal.

A US-based company on a mission to help you make healthier choices and reduce harmful impact on the environment by embracing sustainable, eco-friendly grilling.

Our focus is on all things natural grilling.

Our Story

It started in 2015.

Our founder had a vision of a better, more sustainable future for the world, and had an idea. What if you could have fun grilling while doing better for yourself and the environment?

That’s when he created

A startup built to be sustainable
from the ground up.

We obtained FSC® certification and partnered with local tree farmers to support them in becoming certified as well.

Built an industrial plant made of upcycled containers, with state of art equipment and solar powered lighting, where 100% of the waste is either recycled or upcycled.


Got our teams uniforms made from recycled and sustainable materials.

Used FSC® certified materials for packaging.

Even took the extra step of working towards one of the toughest social responsibility audits in the world.

And now, after years of developing the best charcoal in compliance with the highest global standards, we are ready for the world to see what we’ve been working on.

You can call us

The Good Flame.


Nice to Meet You.

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Your purchase contributes to our mission of helping people make healthier choices and reduce harmful impact on the environment through the embracement of sustainable, eco-friendly grilling.

With an intense focus on all things natural, we have the most coveted certifications from the FSC® and Rainforest Alliance, which attest to our  commitment and philosophy.

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